Today, the Herzegovinian Riviera is 25 km long and includes 7 settlements and tourist resorts, each of which has some specificity and specificity.

Plaže Herceg NovogLet’s just name some places: Meljine, Bijela, Djenovica, Kumbor, Zelenika, … There are also very nice beach. 62 of them (registered) are spreading from Njivice to Mt. Macak on the peninsula of Lustica. In addition to attractive – natural, Herceg Novi has been abundant in recent years by the many modern bathing houses, which are located right next to the hotels or by the excursionists.


Mud beach In Igalo is the largest public beach on the Herceg Novi Riviera, the area of 9000 m². It is rich in very healing sand and mud.

fitnessPlaza Njivice is a public beach, located in the settlement of the same name. It offers a combination of rocky, sandy and concrete surfaces. Noveljani are still called Kraljica plaza.

Plaza Rehabilitation Center Igalo is also a public or concrete beach. Then there is another concrete beach of the hotel “Igalo”. However, the most attractive public sandy beach is “Raffaelo” below the well-known tourist complex. Like other public beaches and “Milasinovica plaza” is open to all tourists as well as Herceg Novi citizens throughout the entire season. It is located in Topla. There are also other very attractive beaches such as “Montenegrina” or the beach at the tunnel. In the city harbor there is a beach “White Villa”, today a public beach, and sometimes the main town of Herceg Novi.

In the vicinity is the beach “Zalo”, with medium fine sand and gravel, and sandy public “Corovica plaza”. Tourists of interest in the last years are the beaches of “Zanjice” and “Mirista” within the same namesque excursionists. Zanjice are the most favorite excursion on the Herceg Novi Riviera. The beach that is located here is public, formed by a combination of gravel, concrete and sand. The beach in Mirista bay is also very interesting. It was formed by a combination of concrete and sand. All of the above beaches generally have complete beach contents: sun beds, parasols, showers, water, electricity … Not a small number of beaches have additional services like coffee – bars, restaurants, own parking or some other service.

If you decide to spend your holiday in Herceg Novi, it is best to think from day to day about the new beach to be visited, because they are officially registered 62. If you want to quickly reach Herceg Novi’s beaches, you can choose between renting tourist cabins, larger taxi boats, or boats, which are mostly located in the city port. Information on how to get to the beach you want to visit will also get you out of the friendly Novalja, in numerous tourist agencies or the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi.

In terms of entertainment, Herceg Novi offers various facilities, both for young people and for the elderly. You will enjoy the abundance of good restaurants with traditional cuisine, as well as those where seafood specialties are being prepared, while in the evening there are live music cafes for different tastes.